Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs

A: Try registering anyway, sometimes this doesn't get updated. If you get an error when registering, contact your instructor ASAP.

A: Email Karle at stat100@illinois.edu and we will get you caught up. Be sure to include your name and netID.

A: Unfortunately, we don't have a James Scholar project this semester! Sorry about this!

Homework FAQs

A: We drop your 3 lowest HW assignments so if you register late, the one or two assignments you miss will count as dropped assignments. Even though you won't get credit, we still encourage you to try the homework assignments you miss as practice on Lon Capa.

A: At some point or another, many of you will miss a HW or two due to unforeseen circumstances. This is why we allow you to drop your 3 lowest scores.

A: Contact our technical specialist, Dr. Yuk Tung Liu (ytliu@illinois.edu). You must contact him at least 12 hours before it is due for us to be able to do anything. Take a screenshot of what you are seeing and describe the problem thoroughly. Remember, there's bound to be computer glitches sometimes so try to start your homework early so you don't miss the assignment due date. Again, if you do miss the due date because of technical issues, it will just count as a dropped homework.

Midterm Exam FAQs

A: There are no make up exams for Stat 100. If you miss an exam and have a valid written excuse from McKinley, a doctor, the emergency dean, etc, we will excuse you from the exam and make your final exam worth 45% of your grade.

A: If you notify us at least a week in advance, we'll try our best to find another time for you to take the test. If you notify us with less than a week's notice, we will substitute your final exam score in for that exam (assuming it's a legitimate conflict).

A: Email Karle your DRES letter during the first week of classes and she will make sure you get extra time.

A: Do the practice exams as REAL exams without peeking at your notes or the key. The key is to take the practice exams under real conditions, then grade yourself, identify weak areas, and study what you got wrong. Keep doing practice exams until you are consistently getting the grade you want on the real exam. Come to office hours to get help!

A: Yes- exam answers will be released to students the Friday of exam week.

A: No.

Final Exam FAQS

A: As per University Policy, only those who have 3 finals within 24 hours or are observing a religious holiday are allowed to request to take a conflict exam. If this applies to you, please send an email to Karle with a screenshot of your schedule and say which finals you have that are within 24 hours of each other. The deadline to request a conflict is December 8th (the last day of class) at 11:59pm!

A: There are no make up exams for the final. Unless you have a note from the emergency dean or are granted permission by the university to take the final late, you must come to the final at your assigned date and time or you will receive a zero.

Office Hour FAQs

A: If you have a homework question, post it on the Lon Capa discussion board. If you are still confused or have a question specifically for your instructor, email them to set up a time to meet! We want to accommodate everyone so don't be afraid to reach out!

A: Once you walk into SCD 0060 in the Siebel Center for Design, let the TAs or instructor know when you need help. Feel free to ask the TAs and instructors any questions, but make sure you have at least looked at and attempted the problem before asking about it. TAs are not responsible for giving lectures but can help clarify concepts and answer questions students have on HW.

Grade FAQs

A: Due to the bonus work we offer in stat 100, we do not round grades at the end of the semester.

Continuing on in Statistics

A: For a more advanced statistics course, we highly recommend taking Stat 200! This class starts with a quick review of Stat 100 material and then moves on to talk about things like hypothesis testing, power, multiple regression, ANOVA, etc. Like Stat 100, it uses a partially completed notebook that you fill in during class. There are also weekly Lon Capa assignments that are very similar in format to those we do in Stat 100.
If you’re interested in programming in Python, we’d highly recommend taking Stat 107! This class covers the same statistical content as Stat 100, but you learn Python programming and get experience analyzing real data.